Monday, 20 August 2018

Pin Hole Camera

I have been making some pin-hole cameras from empty drinks cans. I attended a class run by The Cultural Spring and Wear Experimenting in Sunderland in the summer. I really enjoyed this class and some of my friends joined in too which was great fun.  This is the first time I have took photographs using this technique.  I have since attended some of the drop-in events that Wear Experimenting have been doing all over Sunderland and took many more photographs.  It has been a very fun and interesting experience. The lady who runs it is called Jo and she is brilliant.  I will try to show in a later post some photographs that were took from these cameras.

Below is a photograph of me at one of the Pop-up tents for Wear Experimenting.

This photograph below is a photograph that Jo from Wear Experimenting took of me on a polaroid camera of a double exposure.

Arty Princess

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