Friday, 21 April 2017

DIY Treasure Map Doctor Who Theme

I am thinking to dress up as a pirate and was needing some ideas to go with my costume.  One suggestion I was given was to have my own Pirate Treasure Map.  So I decided to make one myself and thought I would share with you how I made it. I also decided that because I am a Doctor Who Fan I would make the Treasure Map have a Doctor Who Theme on it. I hope you like my design.  I did most of the map myself, though I did get my mum to write the words on the map.


Step 1) I used an A4 piece of white plain paper and ripped around the edges to give an uneven ripped look.
Step 2) Then I painted cold black coffee onto both sides of the paper and allowed to dry. I used a hairdryer for quickness.
Step 3) Then I drew out the map with a brown pen. Then the words were written onto the map.
Step 4) I then used some ribbon and rolled the map up and tied with the ribbon.

Arty Princess

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