Monday, 3 April 2017

DIY Harry Potter Wand Tutorial

I recently got dressed up as Hermione from Harry Potter to attend a local Comic Con.  I will also be dressing up for a Homeschool World Book Day event too very soon in the same costume.  I decided to be crafty and make my own wand for my costume.  It really is very simple so I decided to share my tutorial with you.

Things needed:
A small stick (wand length)
A knife to cut the bark off (you will need adult supervision for this)
Some rope/string
Hot glue gun (or other glue)
Brown paint

Find a stick from a local park perhaps.
Cut off the bark with a knife carefully.
Cut off some rope long enough to wrap around the stick.
Glue the rope to the stick.
When glue is dry you then paint the stick brown. (you may need to find something to stand the stick in, and do the bottom half first and allow to dry and then paint the top half and allow to dry.
You may need 2 coats of paint.
Once dry apply a layer of varnish, again doing bottom first and then top half after.

Below are some photos of me with other cos-players at the event.  I even got to meet other Harry Potter Cos-players! And I had to have a photo in front of a Dr Who board.

I have added more photos into a facebook album, here is the link: Artyprincess comic con album

Arty Princess

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