Tuesday, 28 March 2017

DIY Dr Who Tardis Tshirt

Many will already know that I am a big Dr Who Fan.  I recently painted a Galaxy Scene with a Dr Who Tardis in the background. I used a downloaded template I had found online to help with the painting. I decided as I still had the template I would use it to design a plain white T-shirt I have.

All I needed apart from the template was some blue fabric paint which my mum already had at home and a plain white t-shirt.

I placed some card inside the T-shirt and then placed the template on the top. I used a sponge and dabbed on the fabric paint over the template leaving the dye on the t-shirt. The card inside stops the dye from going through to the back of the T-shirt.  Once dry I ironed the design, following the fabric dye instructions.  Then wash the t-shirt.  I really love my new T-shirt and I am happy that it is a unique design nobody else will have.

First photo below shows the template I used on the painting, this was the same template I used for the T-shirt. There is also the photo of me meeting 2 lovely people dressed up as Dr Who and Amy Pond, I was Princess Merida.

Arty Princess

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