Sunday, 19 February 2017

Dr Who Tardis Galaxy Acrylic Painting

I really do love Dr Who, I recently did a painting of a Dr Who Tardis on a Galaxy background using acrylic paints.  I actually reused an old canvas that belonged to my brother, but he no longer wants.

I really enjoyed making this painting. Here are some photos of me painting this design. I painted the original canvas all black. Then allowed to dry and then paint bright colours on the top.

Then I used white paint and a toothbrush and made a starry galaxy scene.  Then I painted a Police Box (Tardis) onto the Galaxy.

Today I actually got to meet some people dressed up as my favourite characters in Dr Who at a Sci-Fi event. Dr Who and Amy Pond.  They were lovely people and they let me have my photograph taken with them, I got to hold their sonic screwdriver too!

Arty Princess

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