Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Fairy Garden Tutorial

My project which involved the painted Bird House was a Fairy Garden. The bird house looked exactly like a house with a front door so was ideal for a Fairy Home.  I don't have a garden so made the Fairy Garden in a gardening container. If you missed the bird house post, here is the link: artyprincess.com/2016/05/painted-bird-house.html

Items needed

  • Large Garden Container and soil
  • Fairy Home (I bought plain and painted)
  • Jar Lids (swimming pool and animal feeder)
  • Pebbles (for path)
  • Twigs (for fencing)
  • Branch (for fake tree)
  • Bark (to make a table)
  • Flowers (to decorate garden)
  • Toy animals (to decorate garden)
  • Solar Power Light (optional)


Step 1: Find all the items you need. make a Fairy House if needed.
Step 2: Prepare the container with soil. Place the House in the required position.
Step 3: Using pebbles make a path along garden.
Step 4: Use small twigs to make fencing to your design.
Step 5: Add Jar Lids for pool and feeder and add water.
Step 6: Add toys for decoration.
Step 7: Add plants in the garden and a branch tree if you have.

Below is a night time photograph with the solar light working.

Arty Princess

Sunday, 15 May 2016

Painted Bird House

I am starting a new project very soon and painting a bird house was part of that. I bought this plain bird house from a craft shop. I used my acrylic paints I already had in the home.  This took a few hours as I had to let the paint dry a few times before starting again.

I hope you keep reading my blog and wait to see what my project is going to be.

Arty Princess

Saturday, 7 May 2016

Art Exhibition

I have had one of my paintings in a local Art Exhibition last week. I was so happy to see my work up on display. I got to meet the Mayor and Mayoress and chat to them about my art.  I have now sold the painting I had on show.  It was the acrylic painting I did of Penshaw Monument.

Arty Princess

Monday, 2 May 2016

Acrylic Paintings

My 4th post is showing some paintings that I have done this year.  The first 2 paintings I painted have already sold. These have already been on my mum's blog. The photo above is is the first painting I did in this block colour style using acrylics.  This is the first painting that I sold.

The photo below is the second painting I did following the same block colour design. I have already sold this painting.

I decided to do another landscape design again but this time with a local theme. This is going into a local art exhibition in April.

Arty Princess