Sunday, 17 April 2016

Welcome My Crafts 2013

Hello and welcome to my blog.  This is run by my mum on behalf of me as I am only 9 years old.  I love doing anything crafty and I have loved joining in with the crafts that my mum and my older sister do.  My mum promised me that when I turn 9 I can also have my own blog like them.

For my first blog post I want to show you some of the crafts I have made in the year 2013 when I was either aged 5 or 6.  These were originally shared on my mum's blog.

Below is a Pincushion I made by sewing by hand.

Below is a Mosque Collage I made during Ramadan in 2013.

Below is a craft I made using a stick.

Below is a Mosque Sponge Painting I also did for Ramadan.

Below is a necklace I made with some beads.

Below is some calligraphy work I made.

 Below is a headband that I sewed using the sewing machine.

I hope you liked looking at my crafts from 2013.  My next post will show some crafts I made from the year 2014.

Arty Princess

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  1. Assalaam Alaikum!

    These crafts look brilliant, mashaAllah! My little sister is 10, and loves making crafts as well. I can't wait to show her your blog. Great work! :)