Thursday, 21 April 2016

My Crafts 2014

 My second blog post is showing you some of the crafts that I did in 2014. These again were originally shown on my mum's blog, so show her blog name not mine on the photos.

A Headband I made using the sewing machine.

A jigsaw Puzzle Craft I made.

I made some lovely designs using marzipan that I could eat afterwards.

A fridge Magnet I designed. I made this for my grandmother.

Some crafts that I made in our local library.

A snake I made at our local library. 

A Butterfly Craft I made at a local club I go to.

I made this pincushion by hand sewing for a friend.

I made these designs using Modelling clay and then painting them when dry.

I made this Money Box from an old jar.

Arty Princess

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  1. There are some lovely things there, very talented. I look forward to seeing more.