Monday, 24 September 2018

The Sunderland Indie 20/20 Vision Exhibition

I recently went to a new Art Exhibition in Sunderland, The Sunderland Indie 20/20 Vision Exhibition at Mackie's Corner, High Street West, in the City Centre.  I managed to get there on the opening day so I managed to chat with a few of the artists who had their work on display.  It was lovely to see such a different choice of Art on display in one exhibition.  I was lucky enough to chat with Stephanie Smith, Jo Howell and Kath Price who are local Artists.  I also managed to get my photo taken with them too which was lovely.  I now have some homework though as Stephanie wants me to try to have a go at her artwork so we will see if I can give it a go.  There will be a second Exhibition at the end of September too.


Jo Howell is also the photographer/artist who runs the WearExperimenting photography classes I have been attending.

Arty Princess

Saturday, 1 September 2018

Marine Sports

I have been a fan of Marine Sports for a few years now. I have took part in classes and enjoyed Pier Jumping, body boarding and many others.  This year I bought my own wet-suit so I can go in the water anytime I want. My big sister also comes along with me when I go in the water. I thought I would share with you some recent photographs.  I normally do this at Roker Beach next to the pier. 

Arty Princess

Monday, 20 August 2018

Pin Hole Camera

I have been making some pin-hole cameras from empty drinks cans. I attended a class run by The Cultural Spring and Wear Experimenting in Sunderland in the summer. I really enjoyed this class and some of my friends joined in too which was great fun.  This is the first time I have took photographs using this technique.  I have since attended some of the drop-in events that Wear Experimenting have been doing all over Sunderland and took many more photographs.  It has been a very fun and interesting experience. The lady who runs it is called Jo and she is brilliant.  I will try to show in a later post some photographs that were took from these cameras.

Below is a photograph of me at one of the Pop-up tents for Wear Experimenting.

This photograph below is a photograph that Jo from Wear Experimenting took of me on a polaroid camera of a double exposure.

Arty Princess

Thursday, 26 July 2018

Furniture Make-Over

I attended a local workshop where they teach you how to make-over furniture. They actually provide you with a piece of furniture at the class. I chose a shelving unit.  I was taught how to sand the furniture down first which was a messy hard job.  Then I had to paint an undercoat on the piece. This was a weekly class so it took a few weeks to complete it.  I then used both spray painting and brush paint to complete the design. I did this as part of Cultural Spring and Parkers Trust in Sunderland. The staff were really good and the other people were really friendly.


Arty Princess

Saturday, 2 June 2018

Screen Printing with Ink

I recently went to a Screen Printing session, the first time I have done this type of art. I made a T-shirt using the press.  I previously posted about the paper design I mad, but this time I have shared the photos of the ink on fabric.  I was really pleased with this.

Arty Princess

Thursday, 31 May 2018

Screen Printing with Paints

I attended a Screen Printing Class and did a couple of pieces of work. This is the first piece I designed using the paints. It is the first time I had used this technique and I really enjoyed it.

Arty Princess

Friday, 20 April 2018

Red Photos

I had a challenge of going out and taking photographs of things red, these are my favourite ones.

Arty Princess